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As leading European development agencies, we have joined in one partnership to promote demand-driven and inclusive vocational education and training. We are co-funded by the European Commission and by the German Government.

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Employment is key to development and inclusive growth. It generally leads to improved living conditions and reduces poverty. A main driver of employment is education, and particularly vocational education and training (VET). It equips people with skills that are in demand in the labour market. However, many of the VET systems in the developing world are not fit for purpose. People trained through these existing VET systems do not acquire the right skills and competences due to several limiting factors, particularly the lack of private sector involvement in the training and missing linkages to formal and informal businesses. Furthermore, the VET systems are often inaccessible to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Addressing these challenges requires clear priorities and particularly resources, which many countries do not have or are not capable of mobilising.

As a response, the European Union launched the VET Toolbox. This new international facility provides partner countries with additional and punctual support to enhance or monitor planned or existent VET reform programmes. It wants to help these countries to realize their ambitions around the use of labour market intelligence, stimulating private sector engagement, and ensuring inclusiveness of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

Our vision

Demand-driven and inclusive VET is integrated into labour market systems that foster economic and social development and higher participation in global value chains.  These systems deliver skilled workforces for new and evolving decent jobs in the environment of investments.   

Our mission

We support VET reforms to make them more responsive to changing labour demands and inclusive to all. More particularly:  

  • We help to improve labour market information systems to enable evidence-based programming and decision making.   

  • We offer capacity building to Vocational Training Centers and other VET stakeholders such as VET authorities, the private sector, chambers or skills and training funds, to help deliver demand driven skills training that matches local job opportunities.  

  • We support a better match of labour market demand and supply resulting in higher job insertion.  

  • We facilitate public-private partnerships in VET and employment promotion in which each party contributes resources.  

  • We foster dialogue on policy and implementation level for sustainable in-country reform progress.  

  • We help to maximise the local social and economic benefits of European investments in Africa through targeted VET and skills development measures.  ​ 

Our services

We deliver our services through the VET Toolbox´s leading agencies and their networks which are composed of highly skilled practitioners with experience and expertise in VET and labour market reform processes. They include:  ​ 

  • providing technical assistance, building up VET system capacities;  ​ 

  • funding innovative projects, promoting inclusion in VET and labour markets; ​ 

  • developing and sharing relevant tools and knowledge through building networks, partnerships and fora;  ​ 

  • accompanying European investments (including EIP) in Africa through improved availability of skilled manpower, ensuring maximum employment impact; ​ 

Our services are accessible to our EU partner countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South and East Asia and Latin America. 

Our principles

In technical assistance

We offer technical assistance through interventions that build VET system capacities.


Interventions are driven by the needs of partner organisations expressed by them in a request to the VET Toolbox. Our technical assistance services respond to the demand of the partner.


Interventions are aligned to and/or complement existing cooperation programmes financed by the EU, bilateral agencies or other relevant international partners. Donor coordination in countries and EU delegations are consulted to avoid overlap or duplication and to prevent interventions from implementing activities already planned by other programmes.


Service requests are handled according to a simple and straightforward process that guarantees a consistent and tailor-made response to the needs of the partner organisation.


For our service delivery we are able to engage high-level technical expertise from four respected European development agencies. We choose carefully the expertise to be deployed. We take into account the needs of the partner organisations as well as the specific expertise of each member of the VET Toolbox partnership. Where necessary we engage expertise from different members (joint implementation).

In funding

We fund innovative initiatives to promote inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in VET.

Fair selection

Funding will be granted through a call for proposals. For the submission, selection and implementation of the actions financed under this call, EU regulations are respected to guarantee transparency and equal treatment.


Initiatives need to develop and test an approach, method, measure or strategy that has not been implemented yet for the specific beneficiaries of the proposal.


We seek proposals that match skills development to real labour market needs and job opportunities in the labour market. Proposals should contribute to reform and change (to shift away from business as usual) and have the potential to be scaled up.

In knowledge sharing

We share best practices, methods and tools through a web-based platform and regional seminars to stimulate learning and encourage networking, dialogue and the exchange of experiences


We connect people to information and knowledge to improve access for national stakeholders, VET practitioners and experts to data to inform policy and practice. We share best practices, methods and tools through a web-based platform and regional seminars.


We believe in the benefits of knowledge development and sharing. Not only do we save time, money and effort by learning from others’ experiences but we are able to develop an understanding of the challenges to delivering effective and inclusive VET - and the potential solutions.

Adding value

We develop new tools that add to the existing knowledge base and support process-driven problem solving. Our tools provide ways/of solving problems faced in applying evidence–based VET and labour market programming, operationalising private sector involvement in VET and labour market activities, and enhancing the inclusion of vulnerable groups in VET and formal and informal labour market activities.