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VET Toolbox year 2

During its second year in operation, the VET Toolbox ADVISED 13 ORGANISATIONS (including Ministries of education, private compagnies and vocational training centres) IN AFRICA AND SOUTH EAST ASIA on PRIVATE SECTOR INVOLVEMENT IN VET, on LABOUR MARKET ANALYSIS and on INCLUSION IN VET.  

The VET Toolbox awarded 11 INNOVATIVE PROJECTS ON INCLUSION IN VET. The grants each target specific vulnerable groups (in total 4150 persons, below 35 years of age) i.a women at risk of exploitation, NEETs, persons with mental and/or physical disabilities, Internally displaced people (IDP's), youth from rural areas, youth exposed to criminality. 40% is affected by several of these circumstances at the same time.

In 2019, the VET Toolbox developed NEW TOOLS on various topics such as:

• Transferable skills in VET • How to establish a Sector Skills Council • Life Skills and work readiness • Qualifications that meet industry needs • Inclusion of refugees in VET institutions • Labour Market Analysis • Self assessment of VET institutions.

Would you like to know more? Read our Annual Report or get a quick an easy overview with our fact sheet.

VET Toolbox year 1

During its first year in operation, the VET Toolbox has DEVELOPED A FIVE YEAR BUSINESS PLAN which prioritizes demand-driven VET in developing countries, ADVISED 9 organizations in 7 COUNTRIES in private sector involvement, inclusiveness and evidence-based policy making in VET, BUILT a strong and innovative partnership between 5 European leading Agencies, PRODUCED its first tool on management of training institutions, LAUNCHED a 4 million EUROS call for proposals on inclusion in VET, DEVELOPED a brand new website sharing knowledge, stories and best practices in VET, OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED the VET Toolbox in Belgium, Ghana, Senegal, Mali and Vietnam, CO-ORGANIZED a regional seminar involving more than 100 participants from 18 African countries...

Would you like to know more about the VET Toolbox year 1? Read our annual report.