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Webinar: Financing VET: how can a training levy help?"

  • Enabel

    Here icon On 1 December 2020 VET Toolbox hosted a webinar on Financing VET:  

    Not just the individual learners, but also employers and society as a whole, benefit from education, training and lifelong learning. Governments are key investors in skills development. Additionally, we also need enterprise involvement to provide stable and sustained ways of financing training, and to ensure the relevance of this training for the labour market. Financing skills development is dealt with in different ways across the globe. There is a clear need among both national stakeholders and international experts to further explore adequate financing mechanisms, that will guarantee sustainable and effective skills development systems.

    This webinar highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the existing major financing mechanisms. Keynote speaker Alexis Hoyaux zooms in on sector training funds globally. During his presentation he identifies private sector resources and provides costing and budget planning tools. Finally, he visualises the participation, roles and incentives from the perspective of the employers’ organisations.

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    Our speakers answered the pending questions that came up during the webinar. Find the answers here.