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warningThe VET Toolbox Call for proposals on inclusion in VET is closed. Eleven projects were selected and signed.

Dowload Grant contracts signed

What did we fund?

VET Toolbox funded new and innovative inclusive initiatives and tools in Africa and in Asia that contribute to facilitate access to the formal and informal labour market for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups through improved employability and vocational education and training.

How do we define disadvantaged and vulnerable groups?

  • Disadvantaged group: unfavourable circumstances, especially with regards to employment opportunities.
  • Vulnerable group: exposed to the risk of being in unfavourable circumstances, especially in terms of employment opportunities.

Especially women, migrants and internally displaced people, people living in rural and remote areas, people with disabilities and the poorest quintile (non-exhaustive list).

Our priorities

Our four priorities were to develop, test and/or implement innovative strategies and approaches, conducive towards improving:

  1. Access (Access and continuous enrolment of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups to the VET system)
  2. Completion (improved teaching/training and learning focussing on the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and preventing them from dropping out of the VET system or ensuring their reintegration).
  3. Transition (Transition of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups from formal and non-formal vocational education and training to work, and increased integration into the formal and informal labour market).
  4. Continuous learning at the workplace (Work-based learning through on-the-job-training, the recognition of prior learning and demand-driven programmes for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups).