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Évaluation qualitative des établissements de formation professionnelle en tant que référence pour l’évolution des normes nationales

Quality evaluation regimes
Expertise fournie
Hanoi, Vietnam
Institution chef de file
British Council
Institution partenaire
Agence d'accréditation de l'enseignement et de la formation professionnels du Vietnam


The VET Toolbox experts, through British Council, in partnership with the Vietnam Vocational Education & Training Accreditation Agency, are working on:

  • The conduction of an evaluation of four selected colleges, including the provision of feedback in line with advanced countries’ regimes and frameworks
  • The production of a report for each of the selected colleges reviewed which includes feedback and actions for improvement
  • The participation in a technical meeting in Vietnam and delivery of presentations to the relevant policy makers on quality evaluation regimes and frameworks used for evaluation and good practices, a summary of the findings from the evaluation and an overall feedback and recommendations for vocational colleges in Vietnam benchmarked to advanced countries’ standards