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Amplifying our impact together

VET Toolbox services accompany European investments, to help improve local benefits (e.g. jobs, income, local value chains) by addressing the skills gap. Enhanced delivery of demand driven skills development and VET, catering for investment needs in selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, through targeted skills development and VET programmes.



As investments from the European Union to African countries increase, national economies can seize the opportunity to expand their share of local value addition and local job creation.

However, in many countries there is a strong mismatch between quality and quantity of labour supply and the labour demand of companies.

The main challenges in partner countries stem from a need for information about current and future job opportunities and for adequate education and relevant skills, to meet the demand of the private sector. Labour supply and VET systems are not responsive enough towards changing dynamics in terms of demand for skills.

Intervention areas

Intervention areas

Envisaged activities 

▪ Analyse the labour market situation
▪ Strengthen of existing or new public-private dialogue including setting up partnerships
▪ Support VET institutions in their training provision
▪ Support & introduce new occupations/competences for training in VET institutions, employment-oriented VET programmes and skills development measures, including soft
▪ Support & introduce work-based learning schemes to stakeholders
▪ Support & introduce job-matching services
▪ Share targeted information and lessons learned through diverse channels
▪ ...

11 selected countries 

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