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Transferable skills in vocational education and training

What is it about?

This guide is on transferable skills. The ILO defines these as ‘employable skills which can be used productively in different jobs, occupations and industries’. Entailing on the one hand core life skills such as literacy and numeracy and also e.g. critical and creative thinking. On the other hand, there are the general vocational-technical skills: basic vocational skills that - due to the standardization of products and processes- form a versatile foundation for further more specific (on-the-job) training. E.g. basic electro-mechanics.

How does it work?

This manual guides you to better know what transferable skills you need to target exactly. Why and when are they especially useful? Which transferable skills should you focus on in which context? The guide also includes two examples.

Would you like to know more about this tool? 

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