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Toolkit for Quality Apprenticeships (Vol.1): Guide for policy makers

What is this tool about?

The ILO Toolkit for Quality Apprenticeships is a resource to improve the design and implementation of apprenticeship systems and programmes. It provides a comprehensive but concise set of key information, guidance and practical tools for policy-makers and practitioners who are engaged in designing and implementing Quality Apprenticeships.

How does it work?

This Guide is conceived as a comprehensive but concise reference tool for policy-makers in developing Quality Apprenticeship systems. It is understood that apprenticeship systems are at different stages of development in the various countries, and policy-makers will have priorities that reflect their own national circumstances. They may need information on issues relating to the entire system or to specific building blocks, and the examples of good practice presented in this Guide are selected specifically to cater to this need.

The intention is to illustrate the range of countries committed to developing Quality Apprenticeship training and the diversity of approaches taken - and not to endorse the different individual apprenticeship systems in part or in their entirety.

This Guide presents the ILO approach to Quality Apprenticeship systems and sets out to meet the varying needs expressed by policy-makers.

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