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Internships and apprenticeships

What is this tool about?

This tool describes the set-up of a high level internship / apprenticeship. Internships can provoke interaction between colleges and companies in such a way that the internship is connected to the curricula of the college. Students learn more, efficient and are able to link theory to day-to-days reality. Companies benefit because they can influence curricula in such a way that they go hand in hand with rapid developments and competence changes.

How does it work?

Three main conditions are worked out: creating a learning culture in companies, appointing and training learning coaches in companies, defining a basic didactical approach (setting learning objectives, describing competencies to develop, learning interventions and learning on the workplace, milestones, evaluations). To be used by employers’ organisations and sector organisations to inform, involve and train their members. To be used by companies and (TVET) colleges to develop and optimize interaction through internships.

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