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Companies Engaging in Dual VET: Do Financial Incentives Matter?

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What is the purpose of the Discussion Note?

The discussion note aims to foster a well-informed and differentiated discussion of the topic in the context of development cooperation. It offers basic information and outlines a set of key questions that helps structuring the analysis of a specific country/context.

Who benefits from the publication?

The discussion note supports donors, project collaborators and other stakeholders in the field of VET when dealing with the topic of (financial) incentives for companies.

Who is behind it?

The discussion note has been written by Mag. Kurt Schmid (ibw Austria – Research & Development in VET), on behalf of the DC dVET.

What does the Discussion Note provide?

The discussion note

  • outlines basic design options for financial subsidies, without assessing their potential advantages and drawbacks;
  • reflects on the pros and cons of providing financial support to training companies and summarizes the key questions to be taken into consideration when making an assessment;
  • presents the approaches regarding incentive schemes from the following countries:
    – the DC dVET member countries, i.e. Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland; and
    – two European countries that have recently introduced dual elements into their VET systems, i.e. Slovak Republic and Hungary.