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New tutorial series on the "Management of Education and Vocational Training Institutions”


VET Toolbox tutorial series

Management of Education and Vocational training institutions


VET Toolbox presents a new tutorial series, consisting of 8 episodes, on the Management of VET institutions. The video series provide targeted information, tips and reflections with the aim of making the Institutions of Vocational Education and Training (VET) more efficient and effective.

The tutorials are designed primarily for managers of public and private vocational training institutions, but also for representatives of the government responsible for the professional training of society individuals, as well as representatives of workers organisations.

The tutorial series accompany the handbook “Management of Education and Vocational Training Institutions”. This Training Manual to Identify Opportunities for Improvement in The Management is an initiative of VET Toolbox in partnership with PARISE Education & Innovation.

The contents of the publication are organised in a way that allows managers to:
• Obtain a systemic vision of organizational management
• Adapt their management practices to the concepts of a management excellence model, respecting the existing culture within the institution
• Learn about the management performance indicators of vocational training institutions.

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Watch the tutorial videos: 

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