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VET Toolbox highlights year 1

During its first year in operation, the VET Toolbox has DEVELOPED A FIVE YEAR BUSINESS PLAN which prioritizes demand-driven VET in developing countries, ADVISED 9 organizations in 7 COUNTRIES in private sector involvement, inclusiveness and evidence-based policy making in VET, BUILT a strong and innovative partnership between 5 European leading Agencies, PRODUCED its first tool on management of training institutions, LAUNCHED a 4 million EUROS call for proposals on inclusion in VET, DEVELOPED a brand new website sharing knowledge, stories and best practices in VET, OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED the VET Toolbox in Belgium, Ghana, Senegal, Mali and Vietnam, CO-ORGANIZED a regional seminar involving more than 100 participants from 18 African countries...

Would you like to know more about the VET Toolbox year 1? Read our annual report.