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Steering Committee

The VET Toolbox is guided by a Steering Committee. This committee is the strategic body overseeing the project management to ensure that objectives are met in a measurable and verifiably manner and the services are implemented in accordance with sound, verifiable and transparent reporting and auditing standards. Members of the Steering Committee:

  • Representative of DG DEVCO, co-chair
  • Representative of Enabel, co-chair
  • Representative of British Council
  • Representative of GIZ
  • Representative of LuxDev
  • Representative of AFD, as a non-voting and a non-implementing member

Coordination Hub

The Coordination Hub is responsible for the operationalisation of the VET Toolbox in line with the project agreements and decisions by the Steering Committee. The Coordination Hub holds the responsibility for the overall monitoring, information and communication, processing of incoming requests, transfer of incoming requests and management of the Call for Proposals. The Coordination Hub is located at Enabel Headquarters in Brussels.

Operational Monitoring Committee

Each of the implementing agencies appointed a Liaison Officer to link the VET Toolbox with the respective development agency that participates in the VET Toolbox partnership. Liaison Officers are the Single Person Of Contact (SPOC) between the Coordination Hub and the four implementing agencies and are as such responsible for coordination with the Coordination Hub and the other partners in the VET Toolbox. They are also responsible for their agency’s delivery and outputs. For the interventions they mobilise within their organisation the expertise needed for service delivery. They also coordinate tool development work within their agency and the organisation of regional seminars. Together with the Coordination Hub these Liaison Officers compose the Operational Monitoring Committee. This committee meets regularly to coordinate and agree on decisions to be presented to the Steering Committee.