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Our services and tools provide ways of solving problems faced in applying evidence–based VET and labour market programming, operationalising private sector involvement in VET and labour market activities, and enhancing the inclusion of vulnerable groups in VET and formal and informal labour market activities.

We want to:

  • provide the best knowledge and expertise available (advice, training, twinning and tool development)
  • improve access and connect national stakeholders, VET practitioners and experts to information, knowledge, strategic options and data to inform policy and practice (web-based platform & regional seminars)

We believe that partnering will allow us to:

  • share ideas and resources towards a common goal
  • learn by seeing things differently, through others’ eyes 
  • deliver mutual support
  • reach a wider audience
  • avoid duplication of resources


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Partner organisation

VET toolbox hosted on 11 February a webinar with keynote speaker Steve Franklin (ECITB). Steve focuses on the development of skills, standards and qualifications for the engineering construction workforce. 


VET toolbox hosted on 10 December a webinar with speaker Alexis Hoyaux. Alexis Hoyaux zooms in on sector training funds globally. During his presentation he identifies private sector resources and provides costing and budget planning tools.


VET toolbox hosted on 12 November 2020 a webinar with speaker Kevin Hempel. Kevin provided an overview of different types of labour market assessment and introduced relevant criteria to facilitate the choice of the appropriate instrument.


VET toolbox hosted on 08 October 2020 a webinar with speaker Nadège Riche. She introduced us to the key concepts of inclusion and explained how to find out strategies to establish inclusive VET centres, so socially disadvantaged groups, such as girls and women, persons with disabilities, persons living in remote areas, or people below the poverty lines, can access education as well.