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Webinar: Developing VET qualifications: how to ensure they meet employer and learner needs?

  • Enabel

    Here icon On 11 February 2021 VET Toolbox hosted a webinar on developing VET qualifications:  

    Qualifications are the bedrock of effective and relevant VET systems. However, in order to be effective they need to meet the needs of learners, employers, educators and policy makers. Striking the right balance between flexibility and rigour can be hard. This event will explore effective ways to develop qualifications from multiple perspectives. 

    Keynote speaker Steve Franklin (ECITB) focuses on the development of skills, standards and qualifications for the engineering construction workforce. Colleagues from 2 VET projects present their ongoing initiatives providing concrete examples on finding a pathway to designing and delivering qualifications that meet industry needs. 

    Rewatch the webinar (EN + FR) 

    Download the presentation: 

    Our speakers answered the pending questions that came up during the webinar. Find the answers here. 

    Download the guide to developing and implementing qualifications that meet industry needs