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Country Region
Afghanistan Asia
Angola Africa
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean
Argentina Latin-America
Bahamas Caribbean
Bangladesh Asia
Barbados Caribbean
Belize Caribbean
Benin Africa
Bhutan Asia
Bolivia Latin-America
Botswana Africa
Brazil Latin-America
Burkina Faso Africa
Burundi Africa
Cabo Verde Africa
Cambodia Asia
Cameroon Africa
Central African Republic Africa
Chad Africa
Chile Latin-America
China (People's Republic of) Asia
Colombia Latin-America
Comoros Africa
Congo Africa
Cook Islands Pacific
Costa Rica Latin-America
Côte d'Ivoire Africa
Cuba Caribbean
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Asia
Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa
Djibouti Africa
Dominica Caribbean
Dominican Republic Caribbean
Ecuador Latin-America
El Salvador Latin-America
Equatorial Guinea Africa
Eritrea Africa
Ethiopia Africa
Fiji Pacific
Gabon Africa
Gambia Africa
Ghana Africa
Grenada Caribbean
Guatemala Latin-America
Guinea Africa
Guinea-Bissau Africa
Guyana Caribbean
Haiti Caribbean
Honduras Latin-America
India Asia
Indonesia Asia
Iran Middle East
Iraq Middle East
Jamaica Caribbean
Kenya Africa
Kiribati Pacific
Lao People's Democratic Republic Asia
Lesotho Africa
Liberia Africa
Madagascar Africa
Malawi Africa
Malaysia Asia
Maldives Asia
Mali Africa
Marshall Islands Pacific
Mauritania Africa
Mauritius Africa
Mexico Latin-America
Micronesia Pacific
Mongolia Asia
Mozambique Africa
Myanmar Asia
Namibia Africa
Nauru Pacific
Nepal Asia
Nicaragua Latin-America
Niger Africa
Nigeria Africa
Niue Pacific
Pakistan Asia
Palau Pacific
Panama Latin-America
Papua New Guinea Pacific
Paraguay Latin-America
Peru Latin-America
Philippines Asia
Rwanda Africa
Saint Kitts & Nevis Caribbean
Saint Lucia Caribbean
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean
Samoa Pacific
Sao Tome and Principe Africa
Senegal Africa
Seychelles Africa
Sierra Leone Africa
Solomon Islands Pacific
Somalia Africa
South Africa Africa
South Sudan Africa
Sri Lanka Asia
Sudan Africa
Suriname Caribbean
Swaziland Africa
Tanzania Africa
Thailand Asia
Timor-Leste Asia
Togo Africa
Tokelau Pacific
Tonga Pacific
Trinidad & Tobago Caribbean
Tuvalu Pacific
Uganda Africa
Uruguay Latin-America
Vanuatu Pacific
Venezuela Latin-America
Viet Nam Asia
Yemen Middle East
Zambia Africa
Zimbabwe Africa