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Youth with Complex Disabilities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania Learn, Work and Earn!

Sense International
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Lead applicant
Sense International
Empowerment of Disabled Development Organization
Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa
Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions


Overall objective: Improved employability of youth with complex disabilities (YWCD) in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in line with SDG 1 (end poverty), SDG 4 (education and life-long opportunities) and SDG 8 (decent work).

Specific objective: 300 YWCD in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are accessing the formal and informal labour market, after gaining quality, market driven and inclusive vocational training.

Target groups

  • 600 families of Youth with Complex disabilities (300 Parents, 300 siblings)
  • 5 Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions
  • 15 Ministry of Education Officials
  • 45 Apprentice trainers and 50 Employers.

Expected outputs

  • Strengthened capacities of 5 public VET Centres in Kenya (2), Uganda (2) and Tanzania (1) to provide inclusive, quality and market responsive vocational training to YWCD.
  • Increased enrolment and completion of VET for 300 YWCD in Kenya (140), Uganda (100) and Tanzania (60) with support from their families and communities
  • Improved integration to formal and informal labour markets for 300 YWCD completing vocational training in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania through public-private partnerships.
  • Increased understanding by Government officials in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda on providing inclusive, quality and sustainable vocational training to YWCD.