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TVET for all through public-private partnerships in Zimbabwe

DAPP Zimbabwe
Mashonaland Central Province, Bindura and Shamva Districts, Zimbabwe
Lead applicant
Development Aid from People to People Zimbabwe
Chaminuka Vocational Training Centre
Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe


The overall objective is to contribute to increased employability of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in Zimbabwe. The consortium, led by DAPP, wishes to introduce new elements to vocational and technical training for the most vulnerable: young people from the poorest quintile living in rural areas, women and girls, and young people with disabilities.

Its specific objective is to improve completion of vocational education and training and transition into the labor market among disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in Zimbabwe. The team strives to implement a project that has an immediate and direct impact on 400 learners, but also contributes knowledge and lessons learned so that the experiences can be replicated in other parts of the country, by both private and public institutions. The project will contribute to more disadvantaged and vulnerable groups - especially women, people living in rural and remote areas, people with disabilities, and the poorest quintile – staying in school and will contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 4, 5 and 8.

Target groups

  • 2 TVET institutions (1 public & 1 privat)
  • 15 staff at 2 targeted TVET institutions
  • 10 members of the formal and informal private sector
  • 400 young people from the poorest quintile living in rural areas including: 200 young women & 25 young people with disabilities

Expected Results

  • With student and private sector input, pilot new and innovative VET strategies and approaches.
  • Increase rate of vulnerable students who successfully integrate into formal and informal workforce or self-employment.
  • Empower disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the TVET community through increased awareness of and support for their rights to employment and services.