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Promotion of the employability of vulnerable young people in VET and inclusion of innovative services within the vocational training centres

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Maputo, Mozambique
Lead applicant
Young Africa
Escola de Artes e Oficios


The overall objective of this action is to foster the employability of vulnerable young people in VET in 2 countries by developing their social skills (soft skills) and by facilitating opportunities for access to the labor market via orientation and integration schemes established in neighbourhoods and in vocational training centres.

Specific objectives are:

  • Contribute to improving the employability of disadvantaged young people in the urban centres of Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau through work to strengthen the capacities of professional training actors and the implementation of orientation and integration devices in in vulnerable neighbourhoods
  • Capitalise on the innovative methodologies developed by the project and disseminate the learning with a view to replication at an international level

Target groups

  • 300 vulnerable young people aged 17 to 35, 50% of whom are women
  • 3 pilot VET centres and their students (around 300)
  • 10 civil society organisations

Expected results

  • 9 Training offices managed by civil society organisations are located in vulnerable neighbourhoods in 3 cities and guide 300 young people who are unemployed or exercising a precarious activity in the course of human and professional training until their professional integration.
  • 3 pilot vocational training centres integrate new services (soft skills, vocational guidance and integration) which increase the quality of training and the integration rate of learners.
  • Good practices are capitalised and shared within an international network and allows their replication in new territories. This network promotes exchanges and synergies between the various public and private stakeholders in the Training and Professional Integration sector.