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National workshop on public-private partnerships in vocational education and training

Dakar national workshop
Expert intervention
Dakar, Senegal
Implementing agency
Partner institutions
Ministère de la Formation Professionnelle, de l’Apprentissage et de l’Artisanat
Ministère du développement industriel et des petites et moyennes industries
UNESCO-IIPE-Pôle de Dakar


The VET Toolbox and LKDF-UNIDO did partner to jointly, on demand of the Ministry of Employment, VT and Craft and the Ministry of Industrial Development and Small and Middle Entreprises, organise a first national workshop on Public-private Partnerships (PPP) in TVET.

This workshop coincided with the annual Learning Knowlegde Development Facility meeting. This event did aim to draw on relevant local and international experiences to encourage the public and private sectors to increase their collaboration in order to strenghten the quality of training in Senegal.

The key achievement was the Joint Déclaration de Dakar (see below) where both line ministries MEFPA and MDIPMI signed an agreement to expand the scope of collaboration on PPP level in TVET.

Watch the video of this workshop on our Youtube channel: