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Management excellence for training centers in Burkina Faso and Mali

Support action in Mozambique
Expert intervention
Burkina Faso
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Support is linked to the second support area of the VET Toolbox "Sustainable mechanisms for consultation and active participation of the private sector in VET and labor market interventions".

VET institutions are competing in an increasingly demand-driven environment, as changing technologies and production processes require new professional skills and constant adaptation to the skill needs of labor markets. At the same time, issues of equity and inclusion of vulnerable groups cannot be ignored.  Therefore, there is a need to analyse labour market information in cooperation with the private sector and to establish public-private partnerships (PPPs).

General Objective

To improve the technical, analytical and managerial capacities of the management of VET institutions so that they are sustainable and generate value for society and the labour market.

Specific objectives

- To conduct a reflection on the management of vocational training institutions
- To identify opportunities for management improvement
- To prioritise the implementation of management improvements
- To establish the action plan; To establish the timeline for the action plan

The training on the management of VET institutions focuses on the following

Consultation with local private sector stakeholders
- To identify, meet and sensitise private sector stakeholders to participate in the activities organised by VET institutions
- Develop a consultation framework in collaboration with the private sector
- Establish partnership committees and agreements
- Preparing procedural and agreement documents for public-private partnership (PPP)

Other training topics to improve the effectiveness of VET institutions include:
- Organisational development
- Personnel management
- Monitoring and impact evaluation
- Financial and budgetary management
- Autonomy of VET institutions