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Jobs for Youth: bridging the gap between VET and employment for street children and disadvantaged youth

Samaritan trust
Southern and Northern Region, Malawi
Lead applicant
Samaritan Trust
God Cares Rights Foundation


The overall objective is to provide access to market-driven vocational and educational training for street children and disadvantaged youth to facilitate their transition into formal and informal labour markets to ensure they secure decent livelihoods.

Specific objectives are to:

  • Facilitate practical and needs-driven vocational skills training program that respond to the demands of the market.
  • Enable street children and vulnerable youth to access VET through actions that enable continuous enrolment and promotes conducive environment that fosters program completion.
  • Bridge the missing link between training and employability by facilitating innovative private sector engagement to enable trainees to access the formal labour market.
  • Create a nationwide database of trainees to create a central pool of skills whilst providing graduates with direct access to formal/informal labour markets.

Target groups
At purpose level, the action will directly benefit vulnerable youth aged 15 to 25, specifically those living and working on the streets,  unemployed youth, out of school youth, girls at risk of sexual exploitation/early marriages/child labour, youth in conflict with the law.  

Expected outputs
The project will see improved access to VET for the aforementioned vulnerable youth population groups in Blantyre and Mzuzu, enabling 360 vulnerable youth/year to be qualified into employable young people that can contribute meaningfully to the development of the country. The project will create a skilled youth database that will be made available to employers, contractors and other end service users.