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CBET programme update, including standards and assessment tools

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Expert intervention
Accra, Ghana
Implementing agency
Partner institution
National Vocational Training Institute


The VET Toolbox, implemented by the GIZ, supported the National Vocational Training Institute of Accra to:

1. to inform NVTI on international best practice skills forecasting methods and provide a recommendation on relevant skills forecasting method(s) to be applied

  • to hold initial interviews with selected NVTI staff and other relevant stakeholders to define together on needs regarding skills forecasting methods
  • to facilitate a workshop with representatives of NVTI and other stakeholders (to be defined jointly) in which the international best practice skills forecasting methods are presented and recommendations provided on methods relevant for the context of NVTI to gather labour market needs are discussed

2. to advice NVTI on the necessary steps for a CBET programme update, including standards and assessment tools

  • to prepare a workshop and introduce the different steps on how to update a curriculum, including the development of standards and assessment tools according to the CBET methodology
  • to facilitate a workshop with participants from NVTI and other key stakeholders to introduce how to update a comprehensive training programme with the CBET methodology, including standards and assessment tools

3. to develop a curriculum for “Mechatronic” according to the CBET methodology following effective consultation meetings with the private sector

  •  to hold initial interviews with selected NVTI staff and gather experience of the cooperation between NVTI and the private sector
  • to prepare and facilitate a workshop for the exemplary update of one curriculum (level 3 and 4 of the NTVETQF) according to Ghanaian standard together with selected NVTI staff in the area of Mechatronic”
  • to implement a training to capacitate NVTI staff and key stakeholders from the private sector to update one CBT curricula
  • to develop recommendations for a roll out of the activities for a periodic retraining and curriculum update according to the CBET methodology, assessment and examination tools
  • to define a medium-term action plan consisting of roles, responsibilities, tasks and next steps with relevant NVTI staff to ensure that the additional curricular are being updated and a that a continues design of the assessment and examination tools is maintained.