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Build up capacity on Labour Market Analysis

Build up capacity on Labour Market Analysis
Expert intervention
Dar es Salam, Tanzania
Implementing agency
British Council
Partner institution
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology


The VET Toolbox, implemented by the British Council, supported the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to:

1. Build up capacity on the analysis and application of LMA

  •  to facilitate a workshop with representatives of MoEST/VETA and other stakeholders (to be defined jointly) to have a deeper understanding of the country specific challenges to employment generation on the labour demand and supply side and matching demand and supply of labour using LMA.  
  • to define the role of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) on the supply side to facilitate the transition from general education into the labour market by providing practical knowledge and skills focussed on the labour market needs. 
  • to use LMA effectively to development and design TVET policies to guide the provision of practical labour market skills through specialized education, services and training programmes.

2. Develop a sector TVET planning tool using LMA to identify a specific sector. Key stakeholders together with respective staff members of MoEST/VETA will apply the learning under the guidance of the consultant and develop a mechanism of effective use of LMA for the planning of evidence based and demand driven TVET which can be rolled out more widely and disseminated. The developed sector TVET planning tool will be used  by VETA.