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Accreditation of training programmes

VET Toolbox training for UPIK in Uganda
Expert intervention
Kampala, Uganda
Implementing agency
British Council
Partner institution
Uganda Petroleum Institute at Kigumba


The VET Toolbox experts, through Bristish Council, in partnership with the Uganda Petroleum Institute at Kigumba (UPIK), did assist UPIK to deliver internationally recognised accreditation and certification in occupational health and safety and level 2 and 3 trades related to the engineering construction of the oil and gas facilities. 

This has been done by working on receiving international Accreditation to deliver internationally recognised qualifications in Engineering Construction in line with the recommendations of the GOV Workforce Skills Development Strategy and Plan. The accreditation comes from international bodies in the relevant areas of competence.

In addition, occupational health and safety issues combined with level 2/3 qualifications in engineering construction were integrated and the provision of access to qualifications to workers in the informal sector was granted.